We are a Women's Transitional house for women coming out of Jail/Prison. We are a Christian based transitional home, helping women learn how to live a Christian life and teaching them life skills.  Read more…

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New Beginnings Big Country

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New Beginnings Big Country

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New Beginnings Big Country is a 501c3, Non Profit ministry based organization. We are fully supported by free will offerings. We accept donations of any kind.

Call: 325-665-5538

501c3, non-profit ministry- based organization

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About Us

New Beginnings-Big Country is a Women’s Transitional program for women coming out of jail, prison or some other bondage. We are a Christian-based transitional ministry, helping women learn how to live a Christian life and teaching life skills.

Missy Denard began her Jail Ministry in 2002. After she began, she cried out to the Lord asking Him how she could help these precious women once they were released. Missy saw them coming back into jail, still in bondage and returning to those same things that always brought them there.

Missy had a vision and for six years prayed. Then she waited on His perfect timing. On March 25, 2010, God opened the door, and she picked up the first lady to become what is now New Beginnings-Big Country.

The Lord opened the door for a house which NBBC rented for seven years. On June 1, 2012 NBBC opened its second home at NBBC, with a more specific purpose in mind.

The second location and now the third and fourth, are designed for women who have been introduced to the love of Christ but have also gainfully sought employment.

The ladies in this home are paying rent and getting back on their feet. Responsibilities include child support, probation or parole fees, getting their driving licenses, giving back to the new comers, continuing bible study classes, and becoming productive Christian women in society.

On June 1, 2013 God made a way for us to open our final location, an apartment complex, consisting of eight individual one bedroom apartments.

This phase of New Beginnings-Big Country combines the first two phases but also completes the transition for our ladies. At this location, the ladies are completely self-sufficient, maintaining all of their financial responsibilities on their own.

We also feel that during this phase the women with children are able to either begin or continue restoring their relationships with their children. They are able to receive professional counseling during the second phase to begin this process.

Currently, we rent two homes and own the other two. We are also owner-financing the apartment building.

The women who come to NBBC must work hard, but more than that, it is imperative that their personal relationship with Jesus Christ be nurtured, developed, and maintained.

Most of the ladies who begin the transition cannot pay rent of any amount. We rest solely on the donations given to NBBC from people with servant hearts, and the women that hit the ground running with the desire to change and urgency to be received by a Savior.

Missy’s heart is to help these ladies; they need healing and restoration. They need to know the Love of JESUS, and that's exactly what they will receive at NBBC.

We have capacity a maximum capacity for about 45 women now and the need is ever-present. We ask for a 1-year commitment to the program in order to see real change, and our true measure of success is planting seeds that we know will one day bloom.

We are a 501c3, non-profit ministry based organization. We accept donations of any kind.

When the women come to us, they usually have NOTHING except the clothes on their backs. The Lord is faithful in all things. Please consider donating here.

Please consider donating here.

I have been dedicating my life to prison and jail ministry since 2002 in Abilene, Texas, and within the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. My calling was strong, and the Lord placed a burden heavy on my heart for these ladies who truly need to know the love Jesus Christ has for them.

While NBBC continues to grow because, sadly, the need seems to never diminish, when I walk into Taylor County jail every week, I KNOW that I’m home. These ladies are hungry for the Lord, and their hunger refreshes my spirit. I am both a chaplain at the jail and I teach a Life Skills class.

It was through these women that the Lord showed me my calling and my path: To help women re-enter society in a safe environment where the love of Jesus surrounds them.

I am the founder and executive director of NBBC. But this is only given to me through His direction and His will. I am but a steward of this ministry. As of 2017, I have seen more than 750 come through the doors of NBBC. Countless families have re-unified. Hundreds of women are productive members of society. And each and every one of them knows, during good times and bad that Christ loves and died for us all. I am humbled to be His servant.

Missy Denard

Executive Director New Beginnings-Big Country

Board of Directors